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About Us

"the Greatest Differentiation"

is secret knowledge in creation

for every meal be delicious,

healthy and best quality.. that you can trust.

海 火 锅
The origin of our different and elegant: the Legend of You
From the blissful era of Shanghai 1970, the beginning of cuisine creation civilization which full of outstanding identity and preciousness, we have discovered the greatest differentiation with the blend of charm that fill in wonderful happiness and great health just the way you desire.
我们有品级的差别的开始: The Legend of YoU 从1970年上海时代, 愉快的气氛。充满品质与价值的文明创意菜单的开始。 使我们发现 “其中与众不同之一”之融合于 “饮食的魅力”。 给我们所想要的愉快甜美的型式。
“Shanghai Sukiyaki” one of the most original delicious cuisine, the answer of happiness of the next level. For us, the soup with the exact right temperature, the wonderful lightly scent of flavorings, blended with the freshness of ingredients; make every bite the healthy cuisine with the above level of true happiness.
“上海火锅”,其中一个道地美味,是我们超级快乐的答案。 以适当热度的汤,淡香的调味料,融合新鲜的材料。使每一口, 是超级快乐的健康食品。

This is... the Inspiration for creating

You Hot Pot Cuisine today

这是我们今天创作 YoU Hot Pot Cuisine 的灵感

Why “You Cuisine”?

​Shanghai sukiyaki, in a beautiful atmosphere Chinese style restaurant serve with delicious mellow soup, 2 kind of sauces style “YOU” and fresh selected ingredients guarantee certain impression. We’d really like to invite you to experience our You Cuisine because we are Shanghai sukiyaki restaurant that concern about health and atmosphere.

​Let’s start from “health”, You Cuisine focuses on serving quality ingredients including organic pork, Lobster Balls, Fried Tofu, fresh vegetables straight from farms and beautiful special menu that our chief had created such as Pork Chops Marinated Seaweed Crab Meatballs Wrapped and other 150 delicious selections. Guarantee that all are special, and most important, no monosodium glutamate added in any of our special dish.

​About restaurant’s atmosphere, You Cuisine decorated as a classic chic style motel from Shanghai 1970 along with melodious music, surely you will be “in” to the mood.

You Cuisine determine to fashion every details to present special happiness experience to everyone just like our intention “elegant and different”.